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Hugo Ineligibility Post

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I'm not a fan of this sort of post, but bear with me. This is from me as Jared, and not representative of Big Pornokitsch in any sort of collective way.

But, to be clear - please don't nominate me for anything.

I am not eligible for the Hugo Awards as an Editor (Short Form). Not even remotely. 

I am also not eligible for Fan Writer. According to the Byzantine rules, I suppose I've sacrificed the right combination of goats, but I personally (strongly) believe otherwise. In the exceedingly slim chance I am somehow nominated, I won't accept, but I will enjoy the grand gesture of withdrawing - and then telling everyone about it, like, forever. That said, I have more likelihood of being on the ballot for the New Hampshire primary.

Molly, Mahvesh, Jon, Becky, Jesse, Anne, Kuzhali, Stark and Minal are all eligible for Fan Writer and, more importantly - real categories. I highly recommend you seek out their work. Ditto, the authors and artists who have written short stories and made great art for the site.

Collectively, Pornokitsch is a Semi-Prozine, which is a nonsense word. 90% of the work is by other people, so I only feel mildly guilty about mentioning that.

In the interests of transparency, my own ballot will consist almost entirely of the people and works mentioned above, plus Taylor Swift. If I can fit Nashville on somewhere, I'll probably do that too. 

In the immortal words of Anna Kendrick: "Make good choices."