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One Comic wonders at Wonder Woman #1

Flashing Thunder!
By many accounts, one of the few high points of the low point extravaganza that is Batman vs Superman is the introduction of Wonder Woman to the DC Cinematic Universe. So to mark that, we've declared Episode 32 The All Wonder Woman, All The Time Show.

One of Diana's most famous reworkings was the post-Crisis version generally know as the [George] Perez Era, so we've jumped back to the mid-80s to look at the very first issue of that famous run.

Does it stand up, thirty years later? What's good, what's bad, and what's unexpected? The Crisis wiped Diana's slate clean, so as a fresh start, how does this work out?

And what's this? More Wonder Woman? Jon's got a 3&1 of Wonder Woman eras, and at one point when he shows the others a particular cover, this is the one he means - no peeking ahead of time though.