One Comic and Civil War #1
The Definitive and Inarguable Ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the #1 May Surprise You

Nerd is the New Black: Civil War

Civil War (Bryan Hitch)

Full disclosure: I've already seen Civil War (twice!), and it's great.

But if you haven't and you want to head to the cinema wearing something that proclaims your Cap vs. Iron Man loyalties, or if you just want to look at some cool Civil War-inspired stuff... well, that's what we're here for. 

Let's start with the iconic Cap vs. Iron Man image from the comics, above.

Cool, huh? Etsy has some neat alternatives, like this one from ColourInkStudio.

Civil War

This diptych from BFoxDesigns:

Civil War

This extremely cool melted crayon art from The Cat and Dragon:

Civil War

 Display your loyalty on your sleeve (or lapel, whatever) with badges from The Square Penguin:

Civil WarOr split the difference with this Civil War Minnie Mouse-ears headband from Princess Laura Design:

Civil War

 If you're as obsessed with statement necklaces as I am, this sterling silver mark IV arc reactor necklace will probably do it for you: (Holly Presley)

Iron Man

Or break everyone's heart a little with these lovely Iron Man (2008) era cufflinks: (Must Have Geek)

  Iron Man Cufflinks

This ring, featuring a lovely, minimalist Cap's Shield design, is totally great: (Rock Candy Collection 1)

Captain America

Or just forgo subtlety entirely with this frankly awesome shield backpack:

Captain America

But how about the other 500 superheroes in Captain America: Civil War


Black Panther

 A Black Widow belt-buckle (from Perfect Tommy Automail) will look fabulous on you.

Black Widow

This Falcon keychain gives Adorbz Black Panther up there a run for his money: (Jr Pencil)


An Ant-Man party hat would make Scott Lang proud. (Fun idea: get party hats sporting designs for ALL the Avengers and then let your kids reenact Civil War!) from Unmatched Event Design:

Ant Man

 Be sure you're wearing your Classic Scarlet Witch headgear while you supervise, though: (Bollingshire)

Scarlet Witch

 Or, if you must underplay it a bit, wear this necklace instead (FoxyFunk)

Scarlet Witch

Delight in this cute li'l Vision: (Sin Studios)


If Hawkeye is your Hawkguy, then you need this t-shirt:


 You definitely will want this Spider-Man onesie in your life, for reasons that will become apparent once you see Civil War:


Layer it under your Winter Soldier hoodie: (Fannish Finds)

Winter Soldier

  I'm glad we're over the whole 'Iron Patriot' thing, Rhodie. (Frame On Displays)

Iron Patriot

 And, you know. Team Carter all the way. (Shirt: NerdLoveShop; cuff: Fandemonium Designs)

Agent Carter

Agent Carter

 Now that you've made yourself beautiful, what else can you do? Decorate your house, obviously! No household is complete without an Avengers garlands like this:  (Copper Marmalade)


Spice up your 9-5 by making your colleagues super jealous with your Avengers lanyard! (Rubber Duck Butt)


Get a head start on Doctor Strange later this year with a Dr Strange tutu! (RunHappy Tutus)

Doctor Strange

Finally, prepare yourself for the Infinity Wars movies with this Infinity Gauntlet bank. If you're feeling really craftsy, buy some air plants and glue them to it, because why not?

Infinity War