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Nerd is the New Black: D20 Fashion

Dice-d20-Opaque2Do you think I'm sexy?We live in marvellous times.

Where once we nerds, geeks and fanfolk needed to haunt thrift stores and charity shops, comic book stores (which could be very unfriendly places for young women), bead shops and the local counter-cultural neighbourhoods of our nearest cities to find clothes and jewellery that proclaimed our love for Star Trek/TaleSpin/Squirrel Girl, we now have Etsy, Society 6, Redbubble, Amazon, Bay and ten thousand million specialist websites.

And, where we once worried about getting weird looks or teasing comments on our fashion choices, we now have Forever 21 selling Wonder Woman t-shirts. 

Basically, it's a great time to be a nerd, a geek, or a fan. 

So let's celebrate by highlighting some awesome nerdy clothes and accessories! 

We're going to kick things off with that staple of modern geekiness: the d20. 

Anyone can drill a hole in a d20 and run a chain through it, but this necklace takes it to the next level: the 20 face is showing (who would want to wear an 8 or a 14?) and it looks a bit like a Beholder. +1 charming.

Necklace charm

For the nerd who likes a French cuff: these cufflinks are subtle enough to be worn to work without attracting undue notice, and you can wink knowledgeably at anyone who recognizes that they're not just cool geometric shapes. +4 stealth.


Proclaim your gamer status with a d20 badge. Guaranteed to prompt an awkward conversation with a relative about what a critical hit is, and also probably Satanism. -3 awkward, +3 cute.


This t-shirt kind of makes me want to die, but it also makes me laugh. -10 ally.

Are they natural?

Delight in wearing this slightly less horrifying t-shirt next time you go to the grocery store. Someone will definitely get it. +4 to you convention-going stat.

Plus to stats

 Beautify your house with bunting that makes you happy. +2 comfort.


 Make the world a greener place with this planter, which your mother will find very perplexing even as she reassures herself that caring for houseplants is a step in the right direction towards fully-functioning adulthood. Add a +2 to your green thumb throw and roll a d6 for extra nerding; the planter is 3d printed.

For druids

Hey, you're an adult! You can buy anything you want! Here's a giant fucking d20. Treat yo'self! +10 adulting.

That's a big die