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The Definitive and Inarguable Ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the #1 May Surprise You


As calculated by Anne and the One Comic crew (Jon, Bex, Jared).

As with all lists on the internet, this is final and absolute.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy (1.75)
  2. Captain America: Civil War (2)
  3. Captain America: Winter Soldier (3)
  4. Iron Man 3 (4.25)
  5. TIE: Ant Man and Iron Man (5.75)
  6. The Avengers (6.5)
  7. Thor (8.75)
  8. Thor 2 (9.5)
  9. Iron Man 2 (10)
  10. Captain America (10.25)
  11. The Avengers: Age of Ultron (11.25)
  12. The Incredible Hulk (11.5) (only two of us had seen it, so that's an average of those grades)

The average of our four individual rankings is in brackets.

For math nerds, the three with the most variance were Iron Man 2 (as high as 7, as low as 13), Iron Man (as high as 3, as low as 9) and Age of Ultron (which everyone tanked, except someone put in 8th).

Other fun facts:

  • Lots of passionate debate over Thor vs Thor 2. Half of us are wrong.
  • Guardians, Civil War and Winter Soldier all received first place votes.
  • Jared refers to Captain America as the 'Mendoza Line', which means, all things considered, this is a pretty good set of movies.