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Nerd is the New Black: Spider-Gwen

Spidergwen_by_tayeedwards-d8qi983(Artwork by Taye Edwards)

If you're even sort of comics-adjacent these days you've probably heard of Spider-Gwen. At the very least you've seen something Spider-Gwen and gone, I don't know what that is, but it's awesome. Spider-Gwen has reinvigorated the comics market in an amazing way. Like Deadpool before her, anytime she's on a cover the comic sells out.

But Spider-Gwen doesn't just look cool, she is cool. In an alternate timeline, Gwen Stacey (you know, the way more awesome girlfriend than Mary Jane? The best part of The Amazing Spider-Man? The character who died horribly to give Peter Parker feels?) gets bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker and develops spider powers. And then she is EVEN MORE AWESOME.

Gwen's the sort of character that I would have gone absolutely nuts for twenty years ago, although two decades ago was the era of Vampirella and Angela and fucking Gen-13, and a character like Spider-Gwen - funny, interesting, well-written and not overly sexualized - would have been unthinkable for mainstream comics. Happily, it's now 2016 and Spider-Gwen exists, is phenomenally popular, and shows no signs of going anywhere soon. Now if someone could please just sign Emma Stone up for a Spider-Gwen film.

Love Spider-Gwen as much as I do? Let's explore our fashion possibilities!

The Hoodie. This item caused a bit of a storm when it was first released (I had to wait about six months for mine, it was so back-ordered.) You can find it here, at We Love Fine.

Spider Gwen

We Love Fine has a lot of great Spider-Gwen items for sale. I'm particularly taken with these leggings, which reproduce the famous Spider-Gwen #1 cover.

Spider Gwen

Declare your undying affection for Gwen with this adorable phone cover. (The print is available as everything from a mug to a bedspread, so just get whatever appeals most!)



Spider Heels

 Or make your own Spider-Gwen shoes!

Spider Gwen
 There's not a ton of Spider-Gwen jewellery out there yet, (craftspeople, please get on that), but these earrings from Etsy are hand-painted and very impressive.

Spider Gwen

 I literally cannot even with this gorgeous print


So much can I not even that we own this ridiculously beautiful layered papercraft piece. It was nominally a gift for Jared, but we all know the truth. (Jon and Bex from the One Comic podcast freaked out when I showed it off to them. It's really gorgeous.)


 This tiny acrylic charm! How can you say no? (You can't.)


Every one of these pillows is adorable. I might actually have just bought them all.

Spider gwen

 Here's a felted Spider-Gwen bunny. I don't know but I want it anyway.


 Finally, craftsy types, you can cross-stitch your own Spider-Gwen with this pattern. DO EET.