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Period Drama, no Petticoats: Paper Girls #6

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Nostalgia hits us in various ways this show, as we take a look at issue six of Paper Girls, written by Brian K Vaughan with art by Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson, which tells the story of characters from 1988 brought forward into the present. (And some others coming back from the future. Possibly. Exactly what’s going on remains tantalisingly intriguing.)

Suffice it to say that Bex and Jon (but not Jared, because he’s a child) brought their own experience of living through the 1980s to the party. And even by our standards, this one was digressive. Including one swerve into a 1970s TV series Jon remembers fondly called The Paper Lads – which you can at least see vaguely how we got to. That one, among others, didn’t make the final cut. We did talk about the comic though.

No 3&1 in this show, because reasons, but by way of a special bonus, instead of the usual random nonsense or outtake at the end, we’ve included one of the digressions. Bex and Jon share some of the madness that was The Tomorrow People with Jared. Poor, innocent Jared, whose American childhood spared him. Until now.