Funko Pop! Why?
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Funko Pops That Don't Exist But We Wish Did


Your turn! We've been nattering on about Funko Pop toys all week, but now we want to hear from you. Although there are approximately 80,000 Funko toys, they haven't made Pops for everything (yet). What Funko Pops would you love to see?

Here are few from us to get you started...


John Steed
Mrs Peel
Cousin Itt
Jenny Sparks
Miss America
Veronica Mars
Mr Darcy (Colin Firth edition)
Ian Malcolm
Queen Elizabeth I (I dunno; she seems like she'd be awesome.)
Patsy Walker (Patsy Walker, Hellcat)
Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)
The King in Yellow 
Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)
Slake Moth (Perdido Street Station)
Pickwick (The Eyre Affair)
Black Phillip (The Witch
Tom Hiddleston (with blood lollipop) (Only Lovers Left Alive)
Spike with Hawaiian shirt
Trico (The Last Guardian)

We asked on Twitter as well, and some of the responses are absolutely brilliant. @georgesandison agrees that the lack of Gambit is a crying shame. And where are our Dragonlance Pops?! (Thanks to @PomericoD for bringing that dream to light.) @Patrick_Ness' proposed Madeleine Albright toy is a little unexpected, but, you know, everyone's got a fandom.

Chime in - on Twitter, in the comments, wherever.


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