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The Absolute and Definitive Ranking of DC Comics Film Adaptations

Green Lantern

1. Batman Returns

2. Batman

3. The Batman Legos movie, probably 

4. Christopher Reeves' Superman films (all of them, squodged into one big glutinous mass)

5. The Dark Knight

6. The Wonder Woman trailer? I guess? 

7. Watching a blank wall for two hours (e.g. MENDOZA LINE

8. The Adam West Batman (this is like kicking a puppy, but seriously, this film is not actually entertaining bad, it is just bad bad)

9. Suicide Squad

10. Green Lantern

11. Suicide Squad Extended Cut (more is not better)

12. Bryan Singer Superman movies

13. The post-Burton, pre-Nolan Batman movies with, like, Uma Thurman in them

14. All the Christopher Nolan Batman movies without Heath Ledger (Fun fact: the half-life of a Christopher Nolan film is actually less than its run time)

15. Getting punched like a Nazi

16. Man of Steel

17. Being broiled by heat vision

18. Superman vs Batman


As with all lists on the internet, this is objective and final.