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A Field Guide to Mary Stewart's Romantic Suspenses

My Brother Michael

Stewart introduced a different kind of heroine for a newly emerging womanhood. It was her 'anti-namby-pamby' reaction, as she called it, to the "silly heroine" of the conventional contemporary thriller who "is told not to open the door to anybody and immediately opens it to the first person who comes along". Instead, Stewart's stories were narrated by poised, smart, highly educated young women who drove fast cars and knew how to fight their corner. (Guardian)

Title   Location Note
Madam, Will You Talk? 1954 Provence  
Wildfire at Midnight 1956 Skye ritual sacrifice; mountain climbing
Thunder on the Right 1957 Basque Country evil nuns; amnesia 
Nine Coaches Waiting 1958 Thonon-les-Bains, France Basically Jane Eyre
My Brother Michael 1959 Delphi  
The Ivy Tree 1961 Northumberland double identities
The Moon-Spinners 1962 Crete murder! kidnap! windmills! birds!
This Rough Magic 1964 Corfu dolphins; The Tempest
Airs Above the Ground 1965 Austria dancing horses
The Gabriel Hounds 1967 Lebanon drugs; disguise; ickily incestuous romance
The Wind Off the Small Isles 1968 Lanzarote novella, reissued 2015
Touch Not the Cat 1976 Malvern Hills telepathy
Thornyhold 1988 Scotland witchcraft(?); 1940s 
Stormy Petral 1991 Moila more birds; protagonist writes SF under pseudonym of 'Hugh Templar'