The Rose of the Prophet by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Pornokitsch: The Exit Interview

Where's Pornokitsch?

...well, not here any more. 

We'll be keeping the Pornokitsch Facebook page ticking along - it has a surprisingly buzzy community and is a good way of sharing nifty links. We'll see how long that goes. [Posthumous update: is ded]

Anne's on a social media hiatus, but, when she's not, she can otherwise can be found at @thefingersofgod. [Posthumous update: You can find Anne at the Monsters & Mullets newsletter! No Twitter though.]

Jared has a newsletter set up for chats about strategy and culture and whatever he's reading. He's also still lurking about on Twitter at @straycarnivore. [Posthumous update: newsletter: yes, Twitter: no.]

You can find our regulars and guests online at: