6 More Rules for Better Readings

We did some more thinking about the rules for book readings posted by Gail Carriger. Which, incidentally, is an absolute must-read for fans and authors alike.

From the audience perspective, here are six more tips for authors (we've got advice for organizers as well, but those can wait...):

1) No poetry. The tiny minority of fans that want to hear your verse is thoroughly outnumbered by the rest of the audience, who are dying inside. The one, possible, exception, would be something short and humorous. And even then, err on the side of caution.

2) Don't read the ending. It seems obvious, but there are authors that spoil their own books. (My favorite example of this was John Irving, reading the climactic reveal of Until I Find You. That's 800 pages I'll never read.)

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Gail Carriger, who we seem to name-check daily, just shared a brilliant column: Advice for Hosting an Author Event, with an emphasis on genre writers. Brilliantly timed for us, as the Pornokitsch team are stepping off the sidelines and throwing our first launch party in May. (No, not our book, but it is a proper book from a properly-published proper author. Consider this foreshadowing.)

Gail Carriger x Sartorial Excellence

The courageous Gail Carriger comes out and says what needs to be said. Folks, don't wear pajamas to conventions:

You are disrespecting the authors and presenters (if you're a fan) and the fans (if you're an author), not to mention all the other important individuals who have arranged for and attended the event (con organizers, editors, agents, producers, actors). Most importantly, you are shaming yourself and the SF/F industry as a whole. Yes you are. Suck. It. Up.

It isn't all vitriol and shame - she offers tips & links to snazzy, geeky fashion advice. We all don't have to look like Lord Akeldama, but, as she points out, there's still no excuse for an 'untended beard'.

10 Tips for Comic Book Signings

With the British International Comics Show on the horizon (see you there!), here are a few more tips - carefully gathered from the geek community. I got most of these from die-hard collectors, interviewed while they were standing in line at comic conventions (MCM and BICS). 

Although familiar with the conventions of book signings (pun intentioned), the different rules for comic book signings & artist sketches took me by surprise. 

More tips to share? Suggestions? Disagreements? Horror stories?

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10 Tips for Book Signings

I sat down with a couple other book geeks and we brainstormed some suggestions for book-signing attendees.  These are meant to help everyone - fans, collectors, booksellers, authors & publishers. Having good manners keep the various attendees happy and being prepared lets everyone get the most out of their experience. (Good lord, I sound like a Disney After School special.)

Please leave your own tips, suggestions, corrections and stories in the comments!

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