Stark Holborn, James Smythe and Rebecca Levene Events!

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Three of our favourite authors - and completely coincidentally, three frequent Pornokitsch contributors - all have London events this week. 

Tuesday night, Nunslinger's Stark Holborn joins Snorri Kristjansson as the guests of honour at the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club. Proceedings kick off at 6.30 pm at the Grange Hotel. All details here, but pack your six shooter and some sippin' whisky. (Caveat: please do not actually bring a six shooter. And sippin' whisky is now longer allowed on public transportation.)  

On Thursday, Rebecca Levene celebrates the launch of Hunter's Kind at Forbidden Planet, starting at 6 pm. She's joined by frequent Pornokitsch contributor and grimmest-writer-alive James Smythe, whose Way Down Dark is also out this week! Details are here, but free entry and books a-plenty.

In case you can't make the events, you can order copies of the books here:

Hunter's Kind (via Forbidden Planet)

Hunter's Kind - limited, numbered edition (via Goldsboro Books)

Way Down Dark (via Forbidden Planet)

Nunslinger (via Amazon)

Composting with Sandworms - only a few tickets left

Just a reminder, we only have a few tickets left for next Tuesday's Dune-inspired event, "Composting with Sandworms"

It includes:

  • A talk by the Royal Observatory's Marek Kukula
  • An opportunity to make your very own sock puppet sandworm
  • A chance to win one of the gorgeous Folio Society editions of Dune
  • Cake (C

Although part of the Chelsea Fringe, no actual gardening experience (Earthly or extraterrestrial) is required. 


Composting with Sandworms - 19 May, Chelsea Fringe

DFH_S_01We're returning to the Chelsea Fringe! Last year, we rocked this delightful offbeat gardening festival with "The Evening of the Triffids" - a night of Wyndham-inspired apocalyptic plant construction.

This year The Kitschies are hosting "Composting with Sandworms" -a night of science fiction, exobiology and not-of-this-earthworms, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Frank Herbert's Dune and investigating (plant) life on other planets.

The whole crew is back together, with Royal Observatory's Marek Kukula giving a talk on plants & planets and Lauren "Deadly Knitshade" O'Farrell teaching a workshop on making your very own sock puppet sandworm. 

We'll also have books and... whatnot..., courtesy of Dune's publishers, Hodder & Stoughton and The Folio Society. We've even got a super-sexy copy of The Folio Society's anniversary edition (pictured) to give away...

Also, cake. The cake last year was pretty spectacular.

This is an event for readers and gardeners of all ages and interests, but please book now - tickets (and socks) are very limited.

Tickets and details.

Meet, like, everyone at Forbidden Planet on 7 March

IrregularityForbidden Planet are hosting a massive signing on Saturday, 7 March - 1 pm - 2pm. 

We're specifically celebrating the discovery of a lost box of the Irregularity limited edition, but the writers and artists will be signing all sorts of amazing stuff.

Attendees include:

  • Tiffani Angus
  • Rose Biggin
  • Richard Dunn
  • Simon Guerrier
  • Nick Harkaway
  • Roger Luckhurst
  • Adam Roberts
  • Claire North
  • Gary Northfield
  • Henrietta Rose-Innes
  • James Smythe
  • M. Suddain
  • E.J. Swift
  • Sophie Waring

So if you're keen on Touch, Tigerman, Tamaruq, Nineveh, Theatre of the Gods, Gary's Garden, No Harm Can Come to a Good Man, Bête, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, Osiris, The Machine, etc. etc. etc... come along!

There will also be non-limited copies of Irregularity for sale, in case you find the super-rare, unicorn-bound edition a little intimidating.

Event details here. 

And on Facebook here. 

And more about Irregularity here.

The Good Shabti - Unwrapping Party Tonight!

The Good ShabtiOur (rather lovely) limited edition of The Good Shabti is being unleashed upon the unsuspecting world... tonight!

Join us at the Betsey Trotwood (56 Farrington Road, EC1R 3BL) from 7pm for an evening of mummies, books and very nice people.

The Good Shabti is limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. Everyone at the launch gets first crack at them - and then Jurassic London mailing list subscribers get dibs on what's left

Learn more about "the greatest Egyptian adventure since 'Scooby Doo in Where's My Mummy'". (Tom Harper said that)

Details about tonight's shindig are available here.

The Good Shabti - Unwrapping Party!

The Good ShabtiPlease join us for the launch of the limited edition of Robert Sharp's The Good Shabti - a brand new thriller that "masterfully mingles science with historical fiction, and updates the mummy story for the digital age". (Deji Olukutun said that!)

We'll be throwing a grand unwrapping party on Thursday, 29 January at the lovely Betsey Trotwood pub (56 Farringdon Road, EC1) for the occasion. Doors open at 7, brief talks at 7.30, then drinks, books and mingling with authors, Egyptologists and other lovely people.

Our extremely limited (and signed... and numbered...) edition of The Good Shabti can only be purchased in two ways: 

  1. on the night (limited to 2 copies per person)
  2. through Best Little Bookshop (who will be selling the books after the launch)

Best Little Bookshop are an independent online retailer that promote the very best in (printed) books. We're delighted that they've partnered with us as the exclusive retail partners for The Good Shabti.

Maps, details and RSVPs are here.

We look forward to unveiling "the greatest Egyptian adventure since 'Scooby Doo in Where's My Mummy'". (Tom Harper said that. For real!)

The Big Book Drop - 471!

6a00d8345295c269e201b8d0667084970c-200wiSaturday's Big Book Drop - an effort to get books for the great people at English PEN and Give a Book - gathered in a whopping 471 books. That's a lot of readers hauling a lot of carrier bags on a warm September day! (More here.)

Two dozen raffle prizes all went off to new homes as well. Thanks to publishers Newcon Press, Hodder & Stoughton, authors Lauren O'Farrell, Rebecca Levene, James Dawson, Frank Westworth and Lavie Tidhar, and the many, many folks that donated cool books from their personal collections. 

Plus, a big thank you to our friends at English PEN and our glamorous and vociferous partners at The Book Smugglers.

And the biggest thank you of all: everyone who came out and donated books. You're awesome.

The Big Book Drop - 27 September

The Big Book DropWe're hosting, alongside The Book Smugglers (our close friends and deadly rivals!), 'The Big Book Drop" - an afternoon at a central London venue where folks can swing by and drop off their unwanted books. 

It'll be a nice chilled out afternoon - we'll find a venue that serves snacks and drinks, and it'll make a pleasant post-crazy-summer chance to see one another and hang out.

All the donations will go to Give a Book and English PEN. You may remember tables supporting PEN at WorldCon and Nine Worlds, we want to continue showcasing the generosity of our literary community.
As book lovers, many of us have a massive stack of books that need to find happy new homes. Getting rid of books can often be a heart-breaking activity, but this is a chance to do it all in one fell swoop - guilt-free and for a great cause. (We're especially thinking of our fellow bloggers - review copies have a tendancy to pile up, and there's often no discreet way of moving them on to new homes.)
We'll be at the Seven Dials Club (42 Earlham Street, WC2H) between 2 and 6 pm on Saturday 27 September. If you have books - new, used, unwanted, unloved, finished, whatever - please bring them along.
The details, such as they are, are here:
We'll be updating the Facebook page with more information as we have it.
To make things exciting - each book is worth one raffle ticket, and we'll be holding a drawing for  some of the more exotic donations. We've got a few rarities of our own to start the pile - and if anyone has anything else that is fancy-shmancy, that sort of donated prize would be great. Signed stuff, proofs, collectibles that don't quite fit your collection, that sort of thing...

Here's what you can do:

  • Come along, have a drink and say hi - we love meeting our virtual friends in person
  • Bring books - new, used, first- or second- hand
  • Donate something fancy for the raffle

If you can't make it, you can still help:

  • Donate something fancy for the raffle (possibly something intangible, like a service? Or that you are ok to post to the winner?)
  • Spread the word
  • Support English PEN and Give A Book in their other initiatives - there are lots of petitions to sign, ongoing fundraisers or perhaps even a membership!
This is all - in case you can't tell - rather hastily improvised. But let us know if you have any questions - and please spread the word!

Nine Worlds and WorldCon - The Shopping

Harry AugustThere may or may not be some sort of conpocalypse wrap-up post, but, for now, here's the important bit - all the looting.

Twas the evening before Nine Worlds and I realised that I'd helped a) programme a con with a zillion of my favourite authors, b) was staying on-site the entire weekend, c) had a taxi booked [INFINITE LUGGAGE]. As Anne can testify, this series of revelations lead me down a path that took me until the wee hours of the morning, throwing books into bags (and bellowing things like "WHERE IS MY RED SEAS PROOF?" at the cats).

As a result, Nine Worlds was less about acquisition than inscription - and I'm pleased to say that I took advantage of the convention to corner folks like Scott Lynch, Lily Herne, Helena S. Paige, Claire North, Nick Harkaway, Paul Cornell, Catherine Webb, Sarah Lotz, Stark Holborn, Tom Pollock, Daniel Polansky and Fabio Fernandes. I missed Kate Griffin though, dammit.

In fairness, there was some shopping involved, as I picked up Cakes in Space by Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve, the Vampire Academy graphic novels by Emma Vieceli, Zen Cho's Spirits Abroad and a small pile of books from Fox Spirit.

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Call of Cthulhu at Nine Worlds: The Vanishing Man

Cthulhu_by_Alexander_LiptakTonight, four intrepid authors will be playing a game of Call of Cthulhu for the entertainment of the masses.

Our Heroes

The player characters are all affiliated with a group called The Rational Society, based out of Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts. Not an official University organization, the society developed partly as a reaction to the increasing acceptance of parapsychology as an academic subject, starting with Stanford’s experiments in 1911.  The Rational Society, which includes faculty and staff as well as outsiders who share its views, operates on the basis that everything is explicable, even if the explanation is bizarre or outré.
The Rationalists Involved

Professor Dora Eaton (Rebecca Levene - @BexLevene), middle-aged Professor of Child Psychology at Miskatonic is an expat Englishwoman with some challenging views on childhood development.

Nelly Blythe (Kim Curran - @KimeCurran) is a local journalist known for going to extreme lengths in pursuit of a story.  She recently had herself committed to an asylum to expose the unnecessary institutionalization of women, a rouse that she was very nearly unable to extract herself from.

“Reggie” Fermier (Scott Lynch - @ScottLynch78) in his guise as “The Great Roderick Royal” is a moderately well-known stage illusionist and slightly better-known debunker of mystics, psychics and other charlatans, which is what brought him to the Society.

Dr Bernard Chambers (Jonathan L Howard - @JonathanLHoward) of the University’s Chemistry department.  A leader in his field, and aware of the peculiarities allowed by quantum theory; of them all, Bernard is probably the most likely to allow that explanations may come from outside that which is currently known.

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